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Frequently Asked Accent Rug Questions

Accent Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
You can鈥檛 spell accentuate without accent, and that鈥檚 exactly what accent rugs do: they elevate your space with much-needed flair and style. Patterned, solids, or a combination of both, it makes no difference; rugs have a way of wooing a space, and your floors will thank you for the added protection.

However, is largely dictated by your unique tastes. Do you prefer something bold, or perhaps you desire something more understated and chic? There鈥檚 a rug for every lifestyle, and IM体育 is equipped to help you find your dream set of accent rugs.

How do I use Accent Rugs in Each Room of my Home?
It鈥檚 easy! All you need to do is find the right match, unroll, and it鈥檚 an instant decorative accent in your home. Spice up an entryway, dress up that drab hallway, and make your accent rugs for living room a fashionable, inviting focal point that entices. Plus, with a high quality rug pad, worries of slippage are a thing of the past.

Ultimately, how you choose to lay your rugs is up to you, so let your style unravel. Laying one too small or too large can make a space look cramped or tiny, which is why it鈥檚 important to evaluate your furniture and dimensions first.

What Styles and Patterns of Accent Rugs are Available??
You鈥檒l find there鈥檚 virtually no limit to what styles and patterns are available in accent rugs. When factoring in your rug wishlist, also account for texture and material, since the rug鈥檚 major use will be you and guests walking on it! A fuzzy or shaggy texture can add a surprising amount of dimension to a room, with a side of feel-good comfort for your toes. Materials such as wool and cotton are washable accent rugs that will last long in high traffic areas, and are easy to clean, but lack durability in direct sunlight and are sensitive to moisture.

Latticework, faded motifs, and geometric patterns in neutral tones or beautiful pops of color are all possibilities! What will you choose?

How Do I Choose the Right Accent Rug Size to Fit my Room?
It鈥檚 important to size up your space before committing to a rug. If you want a large rug to cover all your furniture, living room rugs sized 8鈥檟10鈥 or 9鈥檟12鈥 will adequately cover the area. Make sure you鈥檙e factoring in whether you want a rectangular or round shaped rug, too鈥揳s this can impact what furniture it covers (or doesn鈥檛 cover).

In an accent rug kitchen situation, these rules are much more relaxed, since it varies based on the shape of your kitchen. Runner rugs are great here to break up the color palette of the cabinetry, and can vary from 6鈥檟4鈥 to 6鈥檟9鈥 (and even longer, in some cases).