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Patio Seating by IM体育

Take a seat! With so many outdoor seating options available at IM体育, finding the best seat in the house will be no problem. Our selection includes outdoor sofa set options, lounge chairs, sectionals and more, that will make your exterior space ready for company. Whether you need seating to entertain a crowd or you鈥檙e creating an intimate space for two, we have the selection you want and the style you demand. We know you want your outdoor living area to look just as great as your indoor space, so we鈥檝e assembled on-trend seating options that will transform any deck, patio, porch or lanai into a comfortable place to gather.

Types of Seating Options

One thing there鈥檚 no shortage of at IM体育 is patio seating options. Our styles and designs run the gamut from traditional to contemporary, and you鈥檒l have no problem finding everything from an Adirondack chair for one to an outdoor sectional set with room for a crowd. Place deep seating, swivel lounge chairs in front of a fire pit for toasty evenings. Rocking chairs and swings offer a charming spot for conversations, while hammocks take that easy-going vibe to the next level. We even offer folding chairs, so you can have a seat no matter where the party is located. Discover the world of seating options available for you at IM体育.

High-Performance Fabric

What sets IM体育鈥檚 selection of outdoor seating and tables apart from all the rest? Aside from the wide array of styles and outstanding value, it鈥檚 the use of a revolutionary high-performance fabric called Nuvella鈩. It鈥檚 100% polyester that鈥檚 manufactured to stay bright and beautiful for years. Nuvella is fade-proof, moisture-resistant, and so easy to clean. Just a few swipes with a moist cloth for fresh spills does the trick. For problem stains you can even use a solution of diluted bleach 鈥 not something you can say for most fabric. And our assortment of Nuvella-covered outdoor cushions, umbrellas and throw pillows is filled with lively shapes, colors and prints that complement your exceptional sense of style.

Seating Styles

Deciding on an outdoor seating purchase is dependent on two key factors 鈥 the size of the outdoor space you have to work with and the activities you and your family enjoy. If space is plentiful and you love to entertain, consider an outdoor bar set along with a separate seating area. This is ideal if you have a large backyard with a pool or an impressive view. If space is a bit tighter, you might love a patio loveseat accompanied by an outdoor ottoman that can serve as a cocktail table or extra seating. Rest assured, no matter what your taste and space demand, we have the sofa and patio sets to fulfill your needs.