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Frequently Asked Futons Questions

Futons by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
With a wide variety of styles and materials, futons from IM体育 are a great option if you need comfort, elegance and versatility. Whether you鈥檙e looking for an upscale living room futon or a durable option for the kids鈥 room, we have something just-right for you. Trust Ashley Furniture HomeStore to bring your space to life with furniture and accents that show off your style personality.

How Long Does a Futon Mattress Last?
Depending on the material, a futon mattress can actually last the test of time. A cared-for futon innerspring mattress can maintain proper support for up to a decade. If you purchase a latex mattress, they can last up to 20 years. The lifespan of a futon mattress truly depends on the amount of daily use and wear. So, if your game room futon only sleeps guests a couple of times a year, the mattress can actually last longer than the estimated lifespan.

What Size is a Futon Mattress?
Generally, a futon mattress鈥檚 dimensions correspond to typical mattress sizing. So you have the option to choose from Twin, Full, Queen, King and more. Usually your futon bed can only accommodate one size, so be sure to measure and note the dimensions when shopping for a new futon mattress.

Do Futons Make Good Beds?
The days of uncomfortable futons are long gone. Now, they鈥檙e a great convertible seating choice for living rooms, dens, game rooms and guest rooms. With premium leatherette and linen upholstery, modern futons are a comfortable option for sleeping overnight guests. With apartment-friendly sizing and thoughtful design, a comfortable futon is a great non-traditional option if your space cannot accommodate a sleeper sofa. .